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BROKIS MEMORY PC878 Ballon Ceiling light (Red) 天花汽球吸頂燈


Brokis MEMORY collection awakens the imagination and beckons back to a carefree childhood. The ceiling versions in different sizes, the wide range of colour options, and a selection of finishes give this lighting experience a large degree of versatility. The illusion of inflated balloons is flawless right down to the dangling string, which serves to switch the light on and off. This is beauty in its simplest and most persuasive form.


Design: Boris Klimek


Imported from: Czech Republic


*New arrival in Dec 2019. 

BROKIS Memory PC878 Ballon Ceiling light (Red) 天花汽球吸頂燈

HK$2,880.00 Regular Price
HK$2,180.00Sale Price
    • Diameter: 25 cm

    • Height: 27.5 cm

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