COBRA Swivel Table Lamp, designed by Elio Martinelli and manufactured by Martinelli Luce in 1968. This lamp represents a sphere through its simple lines and geometric shape but when the arm is rotated the upper reflector takes on the shape of a cobra ready to strike. The lower body part is able to rotate on its steel base and the upper body part is able to rotate 360 degrees on its central joint to the base allowing ease of use. The Cobra is one of the first lighting fixtures manufactured with a thermosetting resin molding system. Cobra Swivel Table Lamps are a magnificent fit as reading lights or bedside table lights but also function well as a work area light in the workplace. Available in red, white, or black.

Martinelli Luce COBRA 閱讀燈/檯燈 by Elio Martinelli, Emiliana Martinelli

HK$10,636.00 一般價格