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Frandsen Ball Pendant (Matt Green, black cord) (Dia. 18cm)吊燈 by Benny Frandsen


ART.NO. 1115 12705001


BALL is a genuine Danish design classic created by Benny Frandsen in 1968. In 2018, the BALL lamp celebrated its 50th anniversary.


BALL was originally introduced as a pendant lamp and wall-mounted lamp with magnet, and the magnet lamp was particularly successful. In the 1970s, the lamp could be found in most Danish homes, and it has since moved into summer cottages, nurseries and any space where good lighting is needed. To this day, most Danes have a special relationship to the little round lamp.


Over the years, BALL has evolved in keeping with the trends of the day, and the lamp has been produced in all the popular colours of the past many decades. Since 1968, the BALL family has also regularly been expanded without losing its most well-known design elements. Today, BALL comes in countless colours and models, ranging from table lamps and floor lamps to wall lamps and pendants.




*New arrival.

Frandsen Ball Pendant (Matt Green) 吊燈 by Benny Frandsen

HK$1,280.00 一般價格
    • Materials: Metal
    • COLOUR : Matt Green