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Frandsen Hitchcock Chandelier (Matt black) 吊燈 (NEW)


HITCHCOCK chandelier has a strict design language and a functional light across the many rooms and chores.


The chandelier is based on Hitchcock’s clever head, directing the light to where it is desired. It is precisely possible to tilt the screen up and down so that the light falls accurately – and not accidentally.


Although the black finish makes the metal look almost soft, Hitchcock is a boom choice when functionality has to be timelessly beautiful. The shape is simple.


Beautiful chandelier over the dining table – whether round or square.


Designed by : Frandsen Design Studio

Article number: 100772

Frandsen Hitchcock Chandelier (Matt black) 吊燈

HK$3,380.00 一般價格
    • Materials: Metal plated,  Painted white inside