Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip Expansion Kit (1M) (延伸版) 彩色智能燈帶 (NEW)

*Requires Lightstrips Starter Kit (buy seperately)


Bulbs & Lightstrips

Smart Tunable White and Colour LED Lighting

Nanoleaf  seamless introduction to smart lighting for a more connected world. Experience the richest, most vibrant colours and the brightest whites with simple personalised control.


Thread Technology

The First of it's Kind

One of the first Thread-enabled smart lights with improved reliability, a fast and stable smart home experience. Stepping up from Bluetooth to this upgraded technology means no more dropped connections and instant control, all with one compatible border router (like Apple HomePod mini). Bluetooth is available as well.


Circadian Lighting

Increase Your Well-being, Sleep and Mood

The sun is a great regulator of our mind and our body, so we've created that experience for you to enjoy inside your own home. Nanoleaf's Circadian Lighting automatically adjusts your lights to match the color temperature based on the time of day to maximize your energy level, or relax after a long day. This feature helps to balance your natural circadian rhythm to keep your body ready for work, play or sleep.


Screen Mirror

The Nanoleaf Screen Mirror feature creates an immersive entertainment experience. With Screen Mirror, your on-screen activity is reflected onto your lights – taking your entertainment beyond the screen for a complete multi-sensory experience. Screen Mirror is controllable using the new Nanoleaf Desktop App.



Product Features


16Million + Colours

Virtually limitless color options. Choose a favorite vibrant color or create Color Scenes to fill your room with deeply saturated hues.


Circadian Lighting

Enjoy increased productivity and comfort with lights that change color temperatures to complement your body's natural clock.



Low latency with improved connection reliability and range, with a compatible border router.


Customised Schedules

Wake up naturally to sunrise colors or set other automations in the Nanoleaf App, HomeKit or Google Home.


Vivid Whites

The brightest white lighting with extended temperature range from the coolest to warmest whites.


Manual Controller

Don’t want to pull out the app? Turn On/Off, change the brightness or cycle through colors with the easy-access Controller.



*New arrival 

Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip Expansion Kit (1M) (延伸版) 彩色智能燈帶

HK$259.00 一般價格
  • General

    • Lightstrip Length : 40 in | 1 m (Expansion)
    • Lightstrip Width : 0.6 in | 1.5 cm
    • Controller Cable Length : 5.7 in | 14.48 cm
    • Controller Dimensions : 3.74 in x 1.42 in x 0.7 in | 9.5 cm x 3.6 cm x 1.78 cm
    • Power Cable Length : 71 in | 180 cm
    • Cut Ability : Yes, follow cut marks every 13 inches
    • Extendability : 10m (max. brightness decreases beyond 10m)
    • Average Brightness : 1000 lumens
    • Max Brightness : 1100 lumens



    • Colour Temperature : 2700 - 6500K
    • Colour Channel Configuration : RGBCCWW
    • LED Distribution : 21 LED sets per meter (7 sets per 33cm cuttable length)
    • Colour Capability : 16M+ (all shades of white and colours)
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) : >85


    • The Nanoleaf App : Control via Nanoleaf App (Android & iOS) for mobile/tablet.
    • Voice Control  : Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
    • Controller : On, Off, Change Scene, Brightness +/-
    • Dimmability : Yes (via Controller, App or Voice)
    • Dimming Range : 1% - 100%, resolution at 0.1%
    • Communication Protocol : Bluetooth, Thread (currently iOS only)



    • Wattage : 23W for 2-meter (max PSU output at 30W)
    • Standby Power : 0.23W
    • Rating Input : 100V-240V, 50/60Hz (universal range)
    • Lifetime : 25,000 hours



    • NA: ETL/FCC
    • CN: CQC
    • AU: RCM/SAA
    • JAP: PSE/MIC
    • KR: KC



    1 Year

  • Delivery to HK 3 - 6 weeks