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ORVIBO 歐瑞博 Giant Eye S1 巨目2K智能攝像機S1 (NEW) (全新)













攝影角度加寬,突破了旋轉角度的限制 雲臺本身,一轉就可以看清整個房子。



親子監控無憂 寶寶睡覺的時候,他就可以做家事了

自信,隨時了解寶寶的睡眠狀況 無需使用它返回托兒所。






Giant Eyes 2K · New Vision

Not bound by conventions, not with mediocrity, maverick look and feel

Design and strength, make people fall in love with one touch

This is the Giant Eye 2K Smart Camera S1


Giant Eye AI Smart Eye, Recognize People Objects Precise Alarm

Can distinguish the difference between the human body and the monitored objects, while being sensitive to the intrusion status, it is not easy to be affected by mosquitoes, flying ants, wind and grass.


Big Eyes and Big Field of Vision No Blind Spots for Monitoring

The camera angle is widened, breaking through the limitation of the rotation angle of the
gimbal itself, and you can see the whole house clearly after one turn.


Intelligent crying detection parent-child monitoring without anxiety

When the baby sleeps, he can handle the housework with

confidence, and he can know the baby's sleeping status at any time

without using it to go back to the nursery.


Classification Search, the Truth is Reached

Automatically classify events, understand the situation at a glance when pushing messages, and look back

It can also quickly find the target scene while avoiding the interference of irrelevant information.


所有ORVIBO 歐瑞博產品屬於海外版 (香港行貨),繁體中文版
支援Siri Shortcut, Google assistant, Amazon Alexa


ORVIBO 歐瑞博 Giant Eye S1 巨目2K智能攝像機S1

HK$699.00 Regular Price
HK$595.00Sale Price
    • Product name: 2K Smart IP Camera S1
    • Product model: SC41PT
    • Body material: aluminum alloy metal body
    • Pixel: 2K (300W)
    • Viewing angle range: horizontal: 360°, vertical: 210°
    • Night vision function: 10m IR HD night vision, support low-light full-color
    • Sound detection: abnormal sound and crying detection
    • Mobile tracking: support
    • Humanoid detection: support
    • Communication method: WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz
    • Installation method: desktop /Wall installation (up /down )
    • Storage method: Micro SD card (Max 128G) & cloud storage
  • Around 5-7 working days (約5-7個工作天)