Philips 71665 CRANE LED table lamp is equipped with Honeycomb optical lens that provides clarity of brightness and is designed to help reduce glare. Its intuitive slide dimmer and USB charger provides comfort and convenience at your fingertips.


飛利浦 71665 晶璨 LED 檯燈配有蜂巢透鏡,可提供清晰的亮度,有助於減少眩光。它還配有直觀的滑動式調光器和 USB 充電口,指尖操控,舒適愜意。




Philips 71665 CRANE LED table lamp 1x4.05W 飛利浦Crane LED瞳樂檯燈

HK$800.00 一般價格
Colour: White
    • Colour (顏色): White 
    • 4 段調光
    • LED燈源
    • USB 埠可供充電
    • 瓦數:4.05W