*Limited offer: a Philips CL200 20W LED ceiling lamp will be free when buying this Philips ceiling lamp. 

(*限時優惠: 購買此飛利浦吸頂燈,送你一個Philips CL200 20W LED 天花吸頂燈。)


Philips Lighting CL820 AIO RD 30W (27-65K) LED Ceiling light (飛利浦悅葉吸頂燈) creates the right ambience every time. With just a couple of clicks on the remote control^, Philips LED all-in-one ceiling light gives you the flexibility and convenience to choose between a range of light settings for every moment. There are 4 pre-set modes for the ceiling lamp. The  lamp can be switched off after 60 mins when using the sleep mode.


^Remote control is not included.

Philips Lighting CL820 AIO RD 28W (27-65K) LED Ceiling light 飛利浦天花吸頂燈

    • Length: 45.8 cm

    • Width: 45.8 cm

    • Height: 8.5 cm