Philips Lighting FC560 48W+36W RC 01Pln LED Ceiling Fan 42" 飛利浦風扇燈 (NEW 全新)


*Anniversary Sale: a Philips CL201 20W LED ceiling lamp and a Philips CL200 10W LED ceiling lamp will be free when buying this Philips ceiling fan with light. Limited stock only.

(*周年慶優惠: 購買此飛利浦風扇燈,送你一個Philips CL201 20W LED 天花吸頂燈 及 一個Philips CL200 10W LED 天花吸頂燈。數量有限,送完即止。)


Philips Lighting FC560 48W+36W RC 01PlnCeiling Fan with LED light 42" (飛利浦風扇燈) is breeze and bright. It creates strong air current. The frame design of crystal plastic makes the ceiling fan becomes different. The EyeComfort technology is used in this ceiling fan. The light and the wind speed of the ceiling fan can be controlled by the remote contol.


*New arrival in July 2020. 

Philips Lighting FC560 48W+36W RC 01Pln LED Ceiling Fan 42" 飛利浦風扇燈

HK$2,198.00 一般價格
    • Diameter of the light: 49.5 cm

    • Diameter of the ceiling fan (when open): 42 inch (106cm)

    • Height of the ceiling light: 5.5 cm
    • Whole ceiling fan height (總高度 - 由天花至燈底): 41cm