Wanda is the classic light bulb, she’s the kind of bulb that appears when you get a great idea.

With an estimated lifetime of 25,000 hours and fitted with the latest dimmable LED filament technology, her glow is here to stay. She’s a classic bulb given a Plumen twist - the insignia and the turquoise tip mark mean she is true WattNott, while classic form means you can spot her from a mile away.

Wanda gives off a warm light and comes in a traditional clear glass.


HK$339.00 一般價格
    • 4.5 Watt
    • 360 Lumen
    • Equivalent to 33W Incandescent Light bulb
    • Lifetime: 25,000 Hours
    • Dimmable: Compatible with most trailing edge dimmers. A list of tested dimmer switches is available at plumen.com/dimming
    • Colour Temperature 2700K (Warm white light)
    • Suitable for use in damp locations
    • >0°C OPERATION
    • Not for use in totally enclosed luminaires
    • Lamp Dimensions: 60mm x 102mm
    • Energy Class: A+
  • Delivery to HK 6 - 12 weeks