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Vento Pagaia 42" ceiling fan lamp 船漿42吋風扇燈 (NEW)


PAGAIA" the design of the fan blade is based on the shape of the oar. When it comes to nature, we will think of mountains and oceans...
Since ancient times, humans uses wisdom to make utensils for adaptation and improvement of life. The shape of the oars that have kept to current , has not been greatly changed and is still in use today. based on the shape of this paddle, taking its perfect shape design, any interior decoration can be easily matched. With careful calculation of blade angle and arc area, combined with high efficiency DC motor, complement each other.


PAGAIA 船槳型吊扇為DC直流馬達系列裡,第三位成員,扇葉之外觀設計沿船槳的外形為藍本。
提及大自然,我們會聯想起高山,海洋…,自古以來人類利用智慧制造用具以作適應及改善生活之用; 以往留存下來至今的船槳形狀,未有大改動並沿用至今,其外形狀設計已屬完善。

我們基於此船槳形狀而開發了此型號,取其完善的外形設計,加上精心計算葉片角度及弧度面積, 再配合高效率直流(DC)馬達,相得益彰。 雖然使用成本高的DC直流馬達, 但最終可令銷費者於日後長年累月使用中省回不少電費,因其耗電量祇為傳統AC交流馬達型吊扇的1/3 至 1/4左右! 再加上 LED燈飾,省電之餘更可調校光暗 及 轉變白/米或黃色色温,任何室內裝飾也可輕易配合得宜。


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*New arrival 

Vento Pagaia 42" ceiling fan lamp 船漿42吋風扇燈

HK$7,600.00 一般價格
  • ◆ Dimension : 42”, W1067 X H537mm
    ◆ Standard Downrod Length : 26cm
    ◆ Speed and Light Kit : By Remote Control
    ◆ Power : 220V / 50Hz
    ◆ Motor : Ø147 X 24mm , Brushless DC Motor
    ◆ Light Kit : LED Module 11W 104.5~7.1 LUX
    ◆ Coverage : 144 - 216 ft²
    ◆ Net Weight : 7.8kg


    ◆ Air Delivery :
    High 4939 CF/M
    Medium 4176 CF/M
    Low 2869 CF/M
    Slow 658 CF/M

    ◆ Housing Color : White
    Roman Bronze Finish

    ◆ Blade Material :
    Three Plastic (PC) Blades

    ◆ Blade Color :
    Translucent Blue / Translucent Red / Translucent Brown

  • Delivery to HK 2 - 3 weeks