Vento Sole 46" ceiling fan lamp 太陽46吋風扇燈(DC Motor LED) (NEW)


"SOLE" means "Sun" in Italian. The SOLE ceiling fan , one of the new centrifugal series. When SOLE is static, look at the ceiling fan from the bottom, alike as sunflower. SOLE is easy to match with home and lobby. It is also suitable for the ceiling fan blade angle design. It has strong ventilation. When the ceiling fan is turned on, the indoor temperature can be evenly cool down, and the air conditioning electricity can be reduced.


SOLE 型吊扇為嶄新離心式系列裡其中一成員,SOLE 為意大利文裡 ”太陽” 的意思,當 SOLE 靜態時,
從下面望上吊扇去,好像向日葵 (sunflower) 般而命名。
SOLE 容易配合家居,大堂場所安裝;加上吊扇扇葉角度設計得宜,


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*New arrival 

Vento Sole 46" ceiling fan lamp 太陽46吋風扇燈(DC Motor LED)

HK$5,800.00 一般價格
  • Dimension 46”, W1203 X H468mm
    Standard Downrod 20cm
    Motor 165L DC motor
    By remote control 220V / 50Hz
    Light Kit LED 40W / 3000K
     Coverage 144 - 216 ft²
    Net Weight 12.1kg


    ◆ Air Delivery :
    High 5481 CF/M
    Medium 4249 CF/M
    Low 2319 CF/M

    ◆ Housing Color : Brushed Nickel / Roman Bronze

    ◆ Blade Material : Five Wood Blades

    ◆ Blade Color : Red / Yellow / White Oak /Mahogany


  • Delivery to HK 2 - 3 weeks