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WiZ 冷暖白光 40W C35 E14 Wi-Fi 智能可調光 LED 燈絲燈泡  (NEW 全新)


Get smart light with a vintage look with the WiZ Filament bulb with an E27 base, which offers warm or cool white light. Use with the WiZ app or your voice to dim and brighten or use preset light modes on Wi-Fi setups.


Tunable warm to cool white and preset modes

Choose from a wide range of energising cool white to soft warm white, or simply select from the preset modes such as Focus and Relax to create the best ambience for your activities.


Easy plug-and-play. Works with your existing Wi-Fi.

WiZ works with your existing Wi-Fi router, no additional gateway is needed. Simply plug in your new light, download the WiZ app and you're ready to go!


Control from anywhere with your smartphone.

Control your WiZ lights wherever you are with smartphone. No need to worry if you've left your lights on before leaving home. WiZ app is available for iOS and Android.


Smart dimming via app, voice or dimmer

Dim your lights to your desired brightness level via your smartphone, the WiZmote or your voice. No need to install an expensive dimmer.


Automate your light with schedules

Automate the lights to fit your daily or weekly routines. Schedule your light to turn on before you arrive home and keep it off when not needed.


Customise Scenes with preset dynamic light modes.

Mix different colour and white lights modes to create the perfect light ambience for your daily moment. Save it and call it out at any time with app, WiZmote or voice.


Energy monitoring

The WiZ app keeps records of the energy consumption of your lights. View your weekly or daily report and plan your lighting wisely for optimised energy consumption at home.


Voice control with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri Shortcuts

Get hands-free control of your lights by using your voice and Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri Shortcuts. Use simple voice commands to turn lights on or off, brighten and dim, change colour and set custom light Scenes.


*New arrival

WiZ 冷暖白光 40W C35 E14 Wi-Fi 智能可調光 LED 燈絲燈泡

HK$198.00 一般價格
  • Connectivity

    • Supported OS  Android , iOS
    • Compatibility  Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
    • Application language  English , Czech , German


    • ConnectionWiFi

    Other features

    • Other features  Dimmability, SMART, Colour temperature settings, Mobile application


    • Luminous flux  470 lm
    • The colour temperature of light  Warm white, Neutral white, Cool white
    • Minimal chromaticity  2,700 K
    • Chromaticity  6,500 K
    • Colour Rendering Index (CRI)  90 Ra

    Voltage and input power

    • Input voltage  230 V
    • Power consumption  4.9 W

    Type and shape

    • Bulb type  LED
    • Shape  Candle


    • E14

    Power consumption of a conventional light bulb

    • Power consumption of a conventional light bulb  40 W


    • Number of pieces in package  1 piece(s)

    Energy Label

    • Energy efficiency class  F
    • Service Life  15,000 hr(s)


    • Type  LED bulb
  • 送貨到香港5日 - 10日