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WiZ Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb黃白光 智能LED燈泡- 8W / E27螺頭 / A60  (NEW 全新)


  • Easy plug and play
  • Control from anywhere
  • Tunable warm to cool white and preset modes
  • Automate your light with schedules



Get any shade of warm or cool white light in your E27 fittings with the WiZ tunable white smart bulb. Use with the WiZ app or your voice to dim and brighten or use preset light modes on Wi-Fi setups.




*New arrival

WiZ Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb黃白光 智能LED燈泡- 8W / E27螺頭 / A60

HK$148.00 Regular Price
HK$113.00Sale Price
  • 燈座 E27
    尺寸 ∅60 x 122 mm ( ∅ x H )
    產品保養 2 年
    燈泡 色溫: 2700K-6500K
    燈座: E27
    外形規格: A60
    光輸出: 暖黃光至冷日光
    光輸出: 806 lm,4000K
    最大運作功率: 8 W
    切換循環次數: 50,000
    額定使用壽命: 25,000 小時
    可替換白熾燈泡瓦數: 60 W
    顯色指數: 90
    通訊協定: 藍牙和 Wi-Fi
    內容物 WiZ 燈泡 x 1
    支援項目 Amazon Alexa
    Google Home
    Siri Shortcuts
    包裝尺寸與重量 淨重: 0.065 kg
    材料編號 (12NC): 929002383502


    Fitting E27
    Dimensions ∅60 x 122 mm ( ∅ x H )
    Guarantee 2 years warranty
    About the bulb Color temperature: 2000K-6500K
    Fitting: E27
    Form factor: A60
    Input voltage: 220V-240V
    Light output: Warm white to cool daylight
    Lumen output: 806 lm @ 4000K
    Max. operation power: 8 W
    Number of switching cycles: 50,000
    Rated lifetime: 25,000 hour(s)
    Wattage equivalent: 60 W
    CRI: 90
    Communication protocol: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    What’s in the box WiZ bulbs x 1
    What’s supported Amazon Alexa
    Google Home
    Siri Shortcuts
    Packaging dimensions and weight Net weight: 0.065 kg
    Material number (12NC): 929002383502
  • 送貨到香港5日 - 10日

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