Umage Step it up (Pearl White) Step Stool 踏腳凳 (NEW)


The step stool that will help you to reach the higher shelves in the kitchen and encourage you to step it up for the environment – hence the name.


Step It UpTM holds a storage bag that can be taken out and used for grocery shopping, to store your recycled bottles, or other things that you simply need space to store. The new step stool encourages you to minimise the use of plastic bags and sort your recyclable waste, making it easier to take better care for the environment in your everyday life, while enhancing the functionality in our living space.


The step stool comes in two subtle and two vibrant colours so there a little something for every taste. You can step up from three sides of the stepping stool and it has antifriction shoes to make sure you always have a steady balance on the stool. The bag can be washed in the washer on 30 degrees.


Item no.: 5414


Designer: Jonas Søndergaard


*Imported from Denmark.

Umage Step It Up (Pearl White) step stool

HK$3,200.00 一般價格
    • MATERIAL: Solid oak, MDF, Polyester and Hardwood
    • DIMENSIONS: W x H x D: 55 x 48 x 38 cm / 21.9 x 19.1 x 15“
    • CONSTRUCTION: Frame: Painted solid hardwood. Legs: Painted solid hardwood. Lid: Painted MDF. Fabric: Washable polyester. Bag handles: Solid oak.
    • Colour: Pearl White


  • Delivery to HK 6 - 12 weeks